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Kathmandu Quest Tent - Design


During my time at Kathmandu, the most interesting tent that I designed was the Quest. The brief was unique - a 2 person tent for car camping, that prioritised living and social space over sleeping space and integrated with Goal Zero charging and lighting products. The design challenge was to keep the tent under 5kg, but big enough to fit a bike or motorbike in the vestibule. It required several iterations of the 3 pole design and extensive wind tunnel testing to meet Kathmandu's standards for performance and quality. Many nights were spent testing this tent in the field to gain insights - by both the internal team and field testers.

Kathmandu Retreat Quick Pitch Cabin - Development


During 2019-2020 I helped to cover vacancies in the Kathmandu Product Development team. Working in tents again was a highlight and supporting the design team to execute this new pop-up concept was exciting and highly demanding. The final outcome is a tent that can be pitched by one adult in under 5 minutes. I managed the field testing of this style, incorporating the feedback and finessing the details to achieve the comfort, stability, and quality required to meet the brief. NZ is a perfect test environment with summer weather providing plenty of strong winds, heat, rain, and everything in between for rapid feedback.

Kathmandu Retreat - Design


Design of the Configure-Wing - a deceptively simple looking tarp designed to connect and add alfresco space to the Kathmandu Retreat Series of tents.

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