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Bellroy Classic Pouch

The Bellroy Classic Pouch was one of the first products to launch a successful new range for Bellroy - Work Accessory Pouches. It excels at holding small tech items or odds and ends to keep your bag organised. It has a surprising capacity and is equipped with two mesh slip pockets and a magnetic divider to keep items secure and out of sight. Over time it has been released in almost all of Bellroy's materials including leather. At present it is available as part of the Plants-to-products range, made from Tencel REFIBRA, Tencel Lyocell lining, and leather-free trims. One stand-out detail is the use of a revolutionary new circular material called MIRUM for the branding and trim. Since I connected Bellroy with MIRUM in 2019, the team has been working closely with them on a leather substitute suitable for Bellroy products - and now proudly have it in production!


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